100k Blueprint 4.0 (MASTERS EDITION) Review

100k Blueprint (Masters Edition) 4.0 Summary

100k Blueprint 4.0 Masters Edition is the latest version of this well-established eCommerce course on the subject of dropshipping, created by internet legend Dan DaSilva. DaSilva made over $15m using his dropshipping methods before launching 100k Blueprint, so is well-qualified to teach the subject.

Prior to version 4.0, tellingly subtitled “Masters Edition”, there were, unsurprisingly, three previous versions, the most recent of which, 3.0, delivers a 12 week program of teaching, by the end of which course attendees are expected to be experts in dropshipping.

Version 4.0’s promise is that those who put the course into action should be able to create monthly revenues of $100k within 12 months. The course unlocks modules on a periodic basis, ensuring that attendees cannot skip over modules and finish the course quickly. This ought to provide an incentive for those who truly wish to master each module, but may become an irritation for fast learners or people with some prior knowledge.


100k blueprint masters edition100k Blueprint provides as much information as anyone is likely to need to understand the dropshipping model and then apply it to their business. It is entirely feasible to build a business that generates $100k per month, ambitious as it sounds. That said, it will take a year to build a business to these levels – so there are no quick fixes and magic methods that promise instant riches.

The course comes with standard incentives: coaching calls with DaSilva and his lieutenant, Mario Menduni, bonuses and secret tips and hacks from the master himself.


In total there are 188 videos, most of which are bite-sized at less than 5 minutes running time, making them easy to digest and apply. Although the videos are short, the production quality is high, as you’d expect from a course that will set you back nearly $2,000 at the time of writing.

$2,000? That sounds a lot, and it is, but it serves an important purpose of filtering out the get-rich-quickers, and provides ample motivation for those who forked out their hard-earned cash, to work to recover the cost.

A perspective that is often neglected is that the other popular way of starting a business – namely using the franchising model –  invariably involves far higher investments with lower prospects of success. So for example, a coaching business franchise may charge $25k or more for those who want in, with similar or lower levels of support as 100k Blueprint. Looked at in this way, 100k Blueprint could be considered an absolute bargain given the quality and volume of content and support.

(But if this is ruling you out for the very practical reason of it being too expensive, check out the recommendation at the bottom of this page)

In the first week of the course the basics of dropshipping are covered, along with Shopify, the hottest eCommerce platform at the moment. Over-the-shoulder videos demystify the process of setting up a store, funnels and targeting, and anyone who can follow recipes ought to be able to replicate the results, whether they’re familiar with online tech or not.

Week 2 addresses dropshipping in detail, the all-important task of niche selection and how to set up advertising platforms. (Incidentally, in one case study, DaSilva shows a store that by this time is already earning $15k per day by day 10!  This is not impossible if the lessons are applied, although it takes work and commitment.)

By week 3 you’ll be ready for more in-depth training on marketing and advertising, covering topics as diverse as advert design, retargeting and look alike audiences.

In week 4 social media is addressed, covering how to find influencers to help you market your brand.

After this, the focus is on scaling up, since it will be practically impossible to operate a $100k business all on your own.

The 100k Blueprint Process

100k blueprint masters edition earningsThe basic philosophy behind the course is to select and sell a product or narrow product range that fits three basic criteria. Tools are provided to help with the selection process.

Then, a simple website is created featuring this product. Again tools are provided that ensure the appearance and functioning of the site are highly professional, and deliver high conversions – crucial for success as anyone who has tried dropshipping will testify.

With the selling platform optimized and in place, ads drive buyer traffic to the store. It is possible to lose a lot of money with advertising if executed badly, but DaSilva’s method uses a technique to quickly weed out the poorly performing ads leaving only high conversion ads. This means that you will be paying less for your ads and enjoying higher conversions.

Fulfillment of orders is a topic often neglected – so many stores use AliExpress for product sourcing, usually with long delivery times that frustrate buyers and mean they don’t return for follow-up orders. DaSilva has your back here as well, since part of the course is to broker deals with US suppliers. (Non-US residents can also learn from this, but not to the same extent – but it could be a factor for discussion on the coaching calls.)

Finally, scaling the business is fundamental to success and 100k Blueprint teaches that in spades. Of course, if you’d rather have a lifestyle business with lower returns, then there’s no obligation to scale, but for the ambitious, the details is here to help you grow.


Dropshipping is an effective and scalable way to build a successful business from scratch and it is possible to start generating income almost immediately – certainly within the first month. Nothing is for free however, and work is needed to research products, create a selling platform and deliver traffic. Ongoing investment is required to fund advertising.

If eCommerce sounds appealing then 100k Blueprint should be on your list as a good starting point. You will need more than the $2,000 or so to enroll on the course, because additional costs are incurred with store and advertising fees. But, compared to other conventional franchising systems, this is a bargain.

The alternative is to try to learn eCommerce yourself, but while the upfront costs may be low, the cost in terms of time and money wasted on failed experiments could actually be higher. Look at this way: if you truly wanted to master the piano, would you not engage a teacher? The comparison is not entirely fanciful. Consider the generally-accepted maxim that it takes at least 1,000 hours of practice to become half decent at doing anything, and with it, how many hours of teaching time: 100? 200? If you paid one of the world’s most accomplished teachers to show you how to play the piano, how many lessons would you get for $2,000? Probably no more than 5 to 10 lessons. If you want a professional job, hire a professional and DaSilva is certainly that.

Should You Buy It?


  • for the seriously-minded,
  • those who want to create a high revenue business, and
  • are committed to making it succeed,

you will need a teacher and an proven approach to guide your way.

If this is you, the 100k Blueprint should be high on your list. Dan DaSilva is not the only teacher out there, and while his course costs more than much conventional online training, it does come with software, coaching and an enviable track record.

100k Blueprint Masters Edition is as close to accessing an eCommerce guru as you are likely to come without spending very serious money, and if you follow its teaching and apply it, there is no reason why you should not also create a $100k per month business.

Too Expensive?

OK, I get it – this is a high ticket course and not everyone is willing to sink serious money into the new or unfamiliar. But if dropshipping is something you’re keen to get into, you could do a lot worse than check out this course by Patric Chan. It is not as comprehensive as 100k Blueprint, but it does cover a lot of ground and is suitable for newcomers as well as experienced online marketers. Its main selling point is in the sourcing of products, hence the title, but the all the basics are covered as well. And it’s a fraction of the price of 100k Blueprint!